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Elle Belle

No Signal

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“Pappas’ talent is so far-reaching it's nothing short of staggering. The writing and instrumentation are always expertly done and the singing makes most contemporary artists look like amateurs.”   - Peter Jesperson (Twin-Tone founder)


The brilliance of the songs on Elle Belle’s “No Signal” is that each one is evocative of a multitude of 80’s and 90’s artists from Prince to Bruce Springsteen without ever succumbing to nostalgia in any way shape or form. Rather, by creating a breakup album about the disintegration of his relationship with America and its politics, songwriter Christopher Pappas has done something entirely new. Elle Belle has given us a collection of American anthems as beautiful as anything on “Thunder Road,” but with melodies and lyrics that are completely fresh and exciting.   No Signal  is a vibrant and evocative portrait of a bleak American landscape by one of today's best undiscovered composers.

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