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The SqueeGees

The SqueeGees


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Meet The Squeegees!  A fun and eclectic band for the entire family.  The Squeegees provide an irresistibly playful musical adventure through very melodic songs with rich harmonies that allow kids to learn about eating healthy, nature, movement, eco-consciousness and animal welfare, all while having a blast!


Their new album, Veggie Soup, highlights all of The Squeegees values, with songs like “Keep It Green” and the toe tappin, head bouncin “I Can I Can!”, while also introducing Spanish language in a manner that children love through tunes such as  “Let’s Count en Español” and “Los Instrumentos Musicales”.


Songwriters Samantha Tobey and Pierre de Reeder are joined by Chris Phillips, Moni Wood, Adriana Suyama, and Anne Marie Ceralvo and are the kids at heart behind this musical journey.  Samantha brings a natural flair and years of experience as a “Mommy and Me” instructor and baby sign language teacher to her passion for interacting and working with children.  Pierre is a father of two, music producer, studio owner, and founding member of the seminal LA band Rilo Kiley.  While Chris has charmed many audiences as the drummer for The Squirrel Nut Zippers.


Veggie Soup

The SqueeGees

veggie soup

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The Squeegees - I Can I Can

The Squeegees - I Can I Can

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