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Miracle Parade

Miracle Parade


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Miracle Parade began in 2010 as a studio experiment for The Everyday Visuals’ front man Christopher Pappas and has since evolved into a full-fledged alter ego for the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. After recording some bedroom demos,

 Miracle Parade caught the ear of Rilo Kiley’s bassist Pierre de Reeder, who then signed Miracle Parade to his label, Little Record Company. Christopher moved to Los Angeles and began working on his label debut with Pierre at the engineering helm. This debut album, “Hark!…And Other Lost Transmissions”, is due out on June 21st and features 11 songs all written and performed by Christopher Pappas.

Although Miracle Parade is a fairly new project, Christopher has been making music for the better part of his life. Born in the woods of New Hampshire to an artist mother and a musician father, he spent his youth writing, playing, and recording songs on his father’s old reel to reel tape machine. Since the days in his parents’ attic, this prolific artist has written countless number of songs, recorded albums, and toured all over the US. His award winning musical “Pope! An Epic Musical” has been featured in the New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Perhaps most remarkably, in May of 2010 Christopher made headlines in Boston when he became the first artist in history to headline the Middle East Downstairs with a 30- piece orchestra he assembled. The full orchestra, conducted by Christopher himself, premiered 3 new orchestral works that he composed.
It is this rich musical history that informs this obsessive artist’s work today. At his core, Miracle Parade’s Pappas is a storyteller whose fables explore the choices we make and the things we leave behind. The physicist who spends his life building a time machine so he can go back and not waste his life building a time machine (“The Dying Physicist”), The open letter to the son he never had because he chose the life of a traveling musician (“Son Son (Son)”), The love for a girl who refused to let herself love (“Change of Heart”).
Ultimately, these songs are the recorded histories of our collective story, as told through the jangled guitars and hushed melodies of an relentless alchemist who takes the pangs of regret and spins it into something beautiful. “Hark!…” is a time capsule created as an apology to all the potential lives left behind and as a celebration of the one that remains, transmitted to the universe, calling out: “Is anyone there?”



Miracle Parade

hark!...and other lost transmissions

out now

This debut album from Miracle Parade subtly finds a way into the creeks and cracks of our everyday experiences. The music is steeped in low-fi brilliance and rustic ambience, evoking artists that shaped him: Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young, The Byrds, and Judee Sill. Woven into each harmony drenched lyric is an undeniable urgency; each song has a story it is desperate to tell, yet only has the length of the song to tell it.


MIRACLE PARADE - The Dying Physicist

MIRACLE PARADE - The Dying Physicist

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